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RAWGA, Anuga Wins 2nd Prize in Innovation Raw Materials, Health & Nutrition

RAWGA, Anuga Wins 2nd Prize in Innovation Raw Materials, Health & Nutrition

At the "Anuga Select Japan 2024" held from April 10 to 12 at the Tokyo Big Site in Japan, RAWGA announced that plant-based collagen was simultaneously selected for the Innovation Award's Innovative Ingredient Usage and Health and Nutrition Innovations.

Anuga Select Japan 2024 is the only international food fair in Japan that has direct networks with 100 countries around the world, with its first exhibition in Tokyo, the largest food battleground in East Asia, hosted by the world's largest exhibition group, Quellnmesse.

More than 3,000 participants and 50,000 people participated in the fair, and a total of five major categories were awarded for the innovation award, and RAWGA's "Plant Collagen" won the innovative raw material category and the inner beauty brand "Plant Collagen" at the same time for Health & Nutrition.

Anuga Japan noted the establishment of a value chain by vertically integrating the entire industry's process for the development of technology extracted from plants and the implementation of plant-based collagen for the first time in the world.

"We are happy to win both the raw materials and health & nutrition at the SIAL PARIS Raw Materials Grand Prix, the world's largest food exhibition, in 2022, at Anuga Japan, an advanced food tech competition in East Asia," said Kim Hyun-min, CEO of RAWGA. "Based on our great interest in Japan, we will prove the value of the product and technological innovation into the only vegetable collagen that replaces animal collagen."

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