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RAWGA, at the 2023 Dubai Beauty World, attracted attention as a plant-based collagen

RAWGA, at the 2023 Dubai Beauty World, attracted attention as a plant-based collagen

Plant-based collagen developer RAWGA announced that it participated in the 2023 Beauty World Middle East 2023, the largest beauty fair in the Middle East, held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1.

Dubai Beauty World is the largest cosmetic beauty exhibition in the Middle East and Africa connecting Africa, Asia and Europe, and this year, exporters from more than 50 countries and buyers from more than 138 countries participated.

It is known that the plant-based collagen raw material, which RAWGA developed to replace animal collagen, has attracted great attention from buyers and visitors in the Middle East, where it was difficult to consume collagen due to religious beliefs. In addition to plant-based collagen ingredients, Roga introduced four types of inner beauty brand "Plant Collagen," focusing on emphasizing excellent product power such as vegan certification, low molecular weight, and convenience of product consumption.

The four types of plant collagen are powdery plant plant collagen, liquid plant plant collagen biotin, jelly plant plant collagen vitamin D, and new jelly plant plant plant collagen lactobacillus, which are excellent flavors based on plant collagen and allow consumers to choose nutrients and formulations they need.

Kim Hyun-min, CEO of RAWGA, said, "The exhibition confirmed the growth potential of plant-based collagen ingredients and brands in the Middle East, where interest in K-beauty is high. Plant collagen products using halal-certified plant-based collagen ingredients in the Middle East market, which has a high standard for product selection due to religious beliefs, have completed vegan certification and responded well."

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