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PLANT Makes its U.S. Debut at Summer Fancy Food

RAWGA Product ‘PLANT" Makes its U.S. Debut at Summer Fancy Food Show

NEW YORK CITY -- June 12, 2023: ‘PLANT’, a vegan collagen brand from South Korea, will make its U.S. debut at the Summer Fancy Food Show, which takes place from June 25 – 27, 2023, in New York City. A Grand Prix winner for raw materials at the 2022 SIAL Paris Innovation Awards, this product from RAWGA can be tasted at Booth 621 in the Korean Pavilion.

Vegan Collagen is a compound of amino acids from plant-based proteins that resemble animal collagen. It's generated by hydrolyzing glycoproteins that compose a plant's outer walls into enzymes and then purifying them into high-purity water-soluble glycoproteins. It is a healthy alternative to collagens produced from animals or fish.

‘PLANT’ is available in Powder (15 sticks per pack with Vitamin C), Liquid (15 sticks per pack with Vitamin B and Minerals) and Jelly (15 sticks per pack with Vitamin D.) The company also sells vegan collagen as an ingredient for manufacturers.

“RAWGA’s vegetable collagen was created by a team of researchers with 35 years of research experience,” says Mr. Raw Kim, CEO, RAWGA. “We have been working on this project since 2017.”

‘PLANT’ is available at Shinsegae Department Stores and Charmacist pharmacies in Korea.

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