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Plant-based inner beauty plant collagen launches 'Elle' edition

Plant-based inner beauty plant collagen launches 'Elle' edition

"ELLE" of Lagarde Active Enterprise Korea (CEO Constance Benck, LAEK) launched the ELLE Edition through collaboration with plant-based inner beauty "Plant Collagen."

Elle is a French lifestyle brand that pursues trends, modernity, practicality, and style. It started as a French fashion magazine in 1945 and expanded to the licensing business, launching products in various categories including fashion, beauty, H&B, and lifestyle.

An LAEK official said, "France's leading lifestyle brand Elle" and Plant Collagen, which won the grand prize in the raw material category at SIALPARIS for plant collagen, have been reborn as a product that combines nature-friendly plant patterns by reinterpreting Elle's unique and chic French style with 100% plant Collagen identity."

The products consist of two types: "Plant Collagen Vitamin B&Biotin ELLE Edition" and "Plant Collagen Lactobacillus ELLE Edition." More information can be found on the official Plant Collagen Store, and can be found at W Concept 29CM Shinsegae Mall and The Hyundai

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