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Plant-Based functional alternative raw materials obtained vegetable collagen halal certification

Plant-based functional alternative raw materials obtained vegetable collagen halal certification

RAWGA, a bio-healthcare company that develops plant-based functional alternative materials, announced on the 7th that it has been certified as a "vegetable collagen" halal by the Korean Muslim Central Association (KMF).

Halal means "God's permission," and food, medicine, and cosmetics produced in a way recognized by Islamic law are certified halal. In order to obtain certification, dozens of documents proving the production process must be submitted to the halal certification agency, and due diligence on the manufacturing process is also carried out.

KMF's halal certification has the same effect as Korea, Malaysia JAKIM, Singapore MUIS, Thailand CICOT, Taiwan THIDA US IFANCA, China ARA, Chile H.C.C.C., and Philippine IDCP.

RAWGA plans to actively explore the Middle East, including Malaysia, a representative Muslim country, as well as Southeast Asia, where more than 60% of the world's Muslim population lives, using the halal certification as a stepping stone.

Meanwhile, RAWGA's vegetable collagen is characterized by a vertical integration of the vegetable collagen supply chain, from patented technology to extract collagen from plants to organic cultivation of plants and HACCP facilities to raw material production.

In October last year, it won Korea's first Grand Prix in the raw materials category of the innovation award at the world-class food fair "SIAL PARIS" held in France, and also obtained vegan certification from the Vegan Standards Certification Institute.

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