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Participated in the 2023 THAFEX-Anuga Asia Food Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand

RAWGA to showcase vegetable collagen at 'THAFEX-Anuga' in Bangkok, Thailand

RAWGA, a developer of vegetable collagen, participated in the 2023 Bangkok Food Exhibition (THAIFEX-Anuga Asia 2023) held from May 23 to 27 to introduce vegetable collagen to replace animal collagen.

THAFEX is an Asian exhibition and ASEAN B2B food exhibition of Germany's "Anuga," the world's largest food exhibition. The event was held at the "IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center" in Bangkok, Thailand, and was designed to attract foreign companies' cooperation and investment in the food and health industry that has been growing since the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 2,700 companies related to food and beverages, health and catering, and food services from more than 40 countries participated.

RAWGA introduced plant collagen, its own brand product in domestic department stores and drug stores, as well as patented vegetable collagen materials developed independently through this previous event. In order to take advantage of the unique characteristics of vegetable collagen that does not have a fishy taste, a tasting event was also held so that the product could be tasted and experienced directly on the spot.

RAWGA CEO Kim Hyun-min said, "We expect to launch various products using vegetable collagen by inquiries from global manufacturers such as Nestle, SAPPE, and TIPCO for the commercialization of health functional foods, beverages, and jelly."

He added, "Starting with this year's Thai exhibition, we will participate in exhibitions in New York, Vietnam, and Germany to create various opportunities to expand the scope of vegetable collagen's overseas expansion."

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